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The Trans-STEM VISION is to have an educational and occupational system that recognizes and cultivates the gifts, skills and talents of all people, not just an elite few. We envision that all students will have the opportunity to pursue a rigorous, empowering and liberating STEM education, particularly students who have been historically marginalized in STEM disciplines: minorities, women and special needs students. This transformative education will lead to increased innovations in STEM, a more skilled and diverse STEM workforce, and empowered students and communities that are 21st century thought leaders and innovators.


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Dr. Roni Ellington

Mathematics Education Professor, Inspirational Speaker, Executive Coach, and STEM education scholar and mentor, Dr. Roni Ellington has authored several scholarly articles on STEM education, parental involvement, and successfully navigating the STEM pipeline, particularly for minority students. Her research has been featured in The Negro Educational Review and CBE-Life Sciences Education, Equity and Quality in Mathematics Education and Progress in Education, Volume II and the Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem Based Learning. Ellington has presented her research at various national and local conferences including the annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), the American Educational Research Association (AERA). She is currently an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and the Coordinator of theGraduate Programs in Mathematics and Science at Morgan State University in Baltimore MD.

Read the dissertation here...

Read "Supporting STEM Education in Secondary Science Contexts"

The Need


Dr. Ellington works to address the need for diversity in STEM education.


As Trans STEM Tech moves forward the immediate goal is increased awareness. As the mission is to advocate for policies, create programs, and developed research based practices that promote success and persistence in STEM education and careers for women and students of color.

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